The Taeguk Warriors

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Keeping it real for the Taeguk Chokers of 2014


I waited 4 years to watch this bullshit so I’m going to go on a objective and realistic RANT about the Korean soccer team (still a better analysis than American “Soccer Analysts”)

1. We are still lost in the year 2002. Yes, those times were glorious. A team unknown to the world defeating Poland,…

michiko-hime asked: Do you happen to know where I can get the latest T-shirt to show my support for the team? I've seen idols and singer wear it during an event in March I think and it was in the MV they did for the official "cheering" album they made to support the team. I really want one but cannot seem to find it anywhere online.

Sure, can you show me an example (like a picture) of the shirt? There’s many different ones.


Here’s somebody you probably never learned about or will ever learn about in your history classes.

This is Dr. Ahn Jung-Geun, a Korean independence fighter, a scholar, a philosopher, a humanitarian, and now a hero revered in not only Korea, but also in many other Asian nations who suffered under the brutal Imperial Japanese Regime. 

After witnessing and experiencing his nation and the people of Asia illegitimately falling under Japanese hands, he decided to assassinate then Japanese Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi. Hirobumi can be seen as an equivalent to Adolf Hitler or any of his high ranking Nazi officials who sought world domination, genocide, and the destruction of human rights. 

Throughout his torture, imprisonment, and interrogation by the Japanese after his successful assassination, he remained brave and valiant. He only expressed his desire for peace in Asia and the end of the Imperialist Regime in Japan. Matter of fact, he stated that the reason for the assassination was for the betterment of Japan because he knew that Japan will fall if it continued to accomplish its dark motives. Ultimately, Japan ended up being devastated in World War II.

Recently, a museum and memorial was built by the Chinese government to honor Dr. Ahn. However, the Japanese government was outraged by this action and called the museum a place to honor a “terrorist”. The same Japanese government that enshrined war criminals and attempted to cover up their past wrongdoings. 

Was the French La Resistance who fought against Nazi rule terrorists?
Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. were also labeled as “terrorists” at some point.

Makes you think about the labels we put on some people.


Abe decided to pay a visit to Yasukuni Shrine and various other places



Ki Sung Yueng scores the game winning goal against Chelsea in extra time and leads Sunderland into the semi finals of the Capital One Cup


This kid is something special

Son Heung Min scores his 7th goal of the season (and game winner) against Dortmund